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Boston Area Housing Market Stats for Week Ending April 2, 2021

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Overall the Wellesley Hills, Weston, and Cambridge markets are the hottest markets for sellers right now. Boston proper has maintained a slight seller's advantage as well. Those looking for homes in the 02108, 02114, and 02116 zip codes in Boston still have a slight advantage. Here are all the stats for single-family homes by zip code for the week ending Friday, April 2, 2021.


The same study found that social media was considered the best tool for generating “high quality leads” by realtors, surpassing even the MLS itself. This trend may only increase over time: buyers under age 28 were twice more likely to contact agents through social media than any other cohort. Such is the example of Justin Bieber receiving offers to buy his Beverly Hills home from an Instagram post. Another benefit of social media is the greater exposure worldwide to prospective buyers in other countries, such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia.

Once the above three steps are mastered, there’s no ceiling to one’s real estate selling potential.

Virtual Vocations Names Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2021

"As more companies transitioned to virtual work models or expanded remote hiring strategies amid the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 also brought 96 new businesses and organizations to our Employer Partner program," said Virtual Vocations CEO Laura Spawn. "We are proud to partner with these employers and help them reach qualified, experienced applicants suited for their remote job openings."

The top 10 businesses featured in Virtual Vocations' list of best Employer Partners for remote work in 2021 are as follows:

1. Achieve Test Prep

2. Virbela

3. eXp Realty

4. Honey Bar Media, Inc.

5. Uscreen

6. Boldly


8. PSG Global Solutions

9. Skybridge Americas


Cold pizza and climate change

Cold pizza and climate change: Nearly a billion tons of food went to waste in 2019, according to a UN group, and individual households were responsible for more than half of that. About 17% of food available to consumers worldwide that year ended up being discarded, while food waste and loss accounted for as much as 10% of global emissions. If it were a country, that would rank third among the world's sources of greenhouse gases. So eat that leftover slice—you're saving the environment. 

Value GDP for Farmland, Treasury Bonds, US commercial real estate, equities and residential real estate.

Through 20Q2, the value of US farmland was $2.6 trillion, and investment grade bonds (BBB rated debt and higher) were valued at $6.4 trillion. That pales compared to Treasury bonds which were worth $19.9 trillion, and US commercial real estate at $20.4 trillion. Equities were almost double that at $37.2 trillion, but top spot goes to residential real estate at $39.3 trillion, almost double 2019 US GDP of $21.4 trillion.

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